Хамгийн удаан дижитал чартыг эзэгнэсэн дуунууд

1. Wonder Girls ‘Tell Me’ (7 weeks)
2. Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’ (6 weeks)
3. 2NE1 ‘Lollipop’ (5 weeks)
4. BEG ‘Love’, WG ‘So Hot’, SNSD ‘Gee’, Davichi ‘8282’, 2NE1 ‘Fire’/’I Don’t Care’, After School ‘Because of You’, miss A ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ (4 weeks)
5. BEG ‘Abracadabra’, T-ara ‘Crazy Because of You’ (3 weeks)
6. WG ‘2 Different Tears’/’Be My Baby’, SNSD ‘Oh!’, Davichi ‘Letter’, 2NE1 ‘Go Away’/’Lonely’/’Ugly’, T-ara ‘TTL’/’Lovey Dovey’, SISTAR ‘Alone’/’Gone Not Around Any…’/’Give It to Me’, 4minute ‘Whats Your Name’, Girl’s Day ‘Something’ (2 weeks)


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